Inspiring Athletes

Not all athletes enter the Hy-Vee Triathlon with years of high-level training under their belts. Some come to the starting line on a promise, a resolution, a dare or a mission.

They are fathers who have decided to improve their health so they can watch their children grow up. They are mothers who have challenged themselves to trade bad habits for new accomplishments. They are teachers, co-workers, friends, brothers, sisters or parents who have overcome life-threatening illnesses — or know someone who didn’t — and will use the event to help push science toward a cure.

Even if they have different views of what it means to finish, they will all share a place at the starting line on September 4th.

Also, be sure to read about some world-class athletes competing in the Hy-Vee Triathlon.

2011 Inspiring Athlete Stories

Jade Mountain Kansas Girl Is IronKid Personified
She’s 11 years old. And she finished a triathlon with a fractured shoulder. What’s left to say about Jade Mountain.
It's What She Does
When a 12-year-old girl tells you she intends to run seven marathons next year—each on a different continent—you initially pass it off as pre-teen bravado.
Happy to be Alive
After losing an arm in a car accident, Jason Paul strives to be a better dad, a better husband and an inspiration to all.
Racing to Remember, Honor and Fight
That’s why Ellens will run in the Hy-Vee Triathlon. Because cancer still wins more races than it loses, and he wants to change that.


2010 Inspiring Athlete Stories

Swim, Bike, Run. Dad
The Hy-Vee Triathlon will be Caleb Pike’s Father’s Day gift to himself.
Joel Drake Until There's a Cure
When Joel Drake glances down at his wrist during the Hy-Vee Triathlon, it won’t be to check his time. Drake will be wearing a wristband that carries the names of friends, relatives and some people he’s never met.
Crossing The Finish Line Together
A sniper’s bullet tore into Wright, a Cedar Rapids native's abdomen. His military career was over in an instant. But his health problems had just begun.
Gary Geiger True Triathlete Fashion
It was a small lump on the side of his face, just under the ear. Gary Geiger didn’t think much about it. His doctor did.
No Slowing Down
Omaha couple embarks on fourth decade of triathlon competition with the knowledge that feeling good isn’t necessarily a sign of good health.
Living Without Limits
Andy Holder is going non-stop. Holder rarely slows down. Neither does the disease he races to defeat.
New Start Will Lead to Finish Line
Jacob Dorbor knows all about running. But now he wants to do it for fun.
See Jen Run
If Jen Swendseid decided tomorrow to skip the Hy-Vee Triathlon, you couldn’t blame her. She’d have about a half-dozen reasonable excuses.
The Thought of Dying Never Crossed My Mind
At age 13, the boy began suffering headaches so intense he would lie in the fetal position until he passed out.
Hy-Vee Employee Works Hard To Reach Start Line
When Hy-Vee CEO Ric Jurgens first envisioned a triathlon that would be the sport’s answer to the Masters Golf Tournament, he knew there would be big crowds, record purses and national media coverage. But it was people like Jason Paul he had in mind.
Finishing For Army
3-year-old Armstrong, the boy who liked to run, run, run every time daddy took him to the park.
Look Who’s Back: The Guy With No Talent
Frank Farrar is coming back. He came back after doctors used nearly lethal doses of chemotherapy to knock down the lymphatic cancer that they predicted would kill him in 1992. Register for the event Volunteer for the event

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