Aaron Harpold

I am Aaron Harpold, a 42 year old from Des Moines, IA & originally from Buckhannon, WV. When I am not training I enjoy gardening, traveling, and spending time with my wife and 8 yr. old son. I am an employee at Drake University in Facilities.

I have been a part of the triathlon sport from 1 year. The Hy-Vee Triathlon will be my second Olympic distance triathlon. I participated at the Pigman triathlon back in early August. I joined the sport as way to stay healthy and in shape. Early on, my wife said how much she would want to train for a triathlon, and we love watching IronMan coverage - we both know people who compete in triathlons at sprint, Olympic, and ultra-distances, and we're really inspired by them.

I am new to triathlon, but would have to say that the running portion is my best. My favorite time to train is anytime on the weekend, because I have more energy and can work out whenever I want. I ride my bike to work every day, which adds mileage and helps jump start my day (and save on gas!). As a relative newcomer to Des Moines, it has been really fun to get to know the city from the seat of a bike, riding and running around the trails. Being involved in the city this way has really helped me feel like I live here, like I'm an "Iowan."

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