Amanda Jackson

amanda jacksonI am Amanda Jackson, a 40 year old from Seymour, Indiana. I attended Indiana University (BA) and Ball State University (MA). In my free time I love being outdoors, either watching or playing sports, being with my children.

The Hy-Vee Triathlon with be my first triathlon. I joined the sport because Todd Gean (PDI) tricked me into it and so I could hang out with Angie! I have participated in several half-marathons. My 1st half-marathon was my most memorable finish because I thought it would be no big deal to run 13.1 miles so my best friend and I had a single training session the week before that consisted of running from my house to hers (12 miles)...I didn't know such pain existed.

My best event is the running portion. Spring evenings are my favorite times to train; it’s nice to get out of the house after a long winter. I predict a post-race celebration after the Hy- Vee Tri, paid for by our swimmer since he's going the shortest distance....haha!!! Register for the event Volunteer for the event

Race Updates

    Water Temperature: 76 F / 24 C
    152 days and 23 hours ago