Chris Bates

I am Chris Bates, a 40 year old from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In my free time I enjoy training for triathlons and working out in general. My hobbies consist of rock climbing, triathlons, fly fishing, knife making, painting, and drawing.

I have been participating in triathlons for 6 years. My friend encouraged me to join the triathlon sport. After my first one, I was hooked. At the time I had never done more than one or so laps in a pool or never ridden on a road bike. My parents died at an early age so I strive to be as healthy as I can. Having a race really pushes me on a daily basis to keep on track.

My best event is the biking portion of a triathlon. My wife and I train usually in the mornings with a 4:30 wake up. I love that time a day because few people are out and about. It has also been the most difficult since we had a new baby this year. You just never know when you will get a full night sleep. We both compete in triathlons and it is a daily challenge determining the schedules and who is going out and who is working out at home. My most memorable finish was when I crashed my bike at an aid station once during a half iron distance and bent my frame and handlebars yet managed to finish the race with a respectable time. This gave me a good excuse to purchase a new bike. Register for the event Volunteer for the event

Race Updates

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