Christopher Cooper

I am Christopher Cooper, a 31 year old from Dallas, Texas and was originally from Des Moines. I attended the University of North Dakota. In my free time I enjoy volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters, traveling, and a good beer.

I have been a part of the triathlon sport for 4 years. After hearing about Ironman distance triathlons, I made it my goal to do one. I successfully completed my first, 2 years later. My most memorable finish was at the Ironman Texas 2012 when I was congratulated by Chrissie Wellington, who put my finisher’s medal over my head. Very cool.

The run portion is my best, but by the time I get off the bike, it can get pretty ugly! I enjoy training in the morning to help get my day started, but it can still be pretty warm at 5 am in the summer. Hy-Vee Triathlon was by far the most memorable because it was the first time my family was able to see me race. Having family and friends to cheer you on always helps when you're hurting the most. Register for the event Volunteer for the event

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