Dan Ward

I am Dan Ward, a 53 year old from Sioux City, IA. I attended Iowa State University – Construction Engineering – I own a company called General Constructors, Inc. In my free time I enjoy training and golfing.

I have been a part of the triathlon sport for 6 years. I was inspired by a co-worker to join the sport and tri. Health benefits of the training are another reason why I Tri. My goal for myself is just to stay in the game. I will be competing in my first 70.3 event this summer. I get a lot of support from my wife Wendi.

I enjoy training early in the morning before work because it gives me the energy for the entire day. Last year was my first Hy-Vee Tri and first Olympic length event. My goal for the Hy-Vee Tri is 2:36:00. Before an event I enjoy chicken and beans. My most memorable finish hasn’t occurred yet but this is going to be the year!

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Race Updates

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