David Ingvardsen

David is from Oakland, Tennessee. He was in the United States Marine Corps for seven years, prior to hitting the civilian workforce in 1996. He has participated in the triathlon lifestyle for 13 years. David got involved in triathlons after he broke his leg in the Marine Corps. After being discharged from the Marines because of his leg, David tried to regain his health by stopping smoking and losing weight. He slowly worked his way back into running, starting with “I’ll run to the end of this block”, followed by “I’ll run around this block”…and so on and so on. After regaining his health he was inspired to start doing duathlons and triathlons. Since that first triathlon he has participated in almost 100 events. David’s most memorable finish was during his first triathlon. He was nowhere near as prepared as he would have liked to be but still was able to finish the race.

Before each race David eats a bagel or toast as well as granola and oatmeal. He says his favorite and best event is the run portion of the race. He prefers the heat as it challenges him and keeps him focused.

Last year was his first Hy-Vee tri and he competed with a bunch of his closest friends. He plans on finishing this year 43 seconds faster than one of his friends. David says, “Triathlon has truly helped me to live life to the fullest along with some of the best friends (more like family) that a person could ever hope to have. I can’t wait to hit the course again this year!”

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Race Updates

    Water Temperature: 76 F / 24 C
    156 days and 10 hours ago