Diane Murphy

Diane has transformed from the self-proclaimed “smart, chubby kid” to finishing 1st in a sprint triathlon, and she’s not stopping there.

Save for a semester of trying tennis which she admits she is terrible at, Diane didn’t play any sports growing up. She played piano and violin, was on the honor roll, student council president and sang in the church choir.

She signed up for her first triathlon before she knew how to swim. She liked running, bought a bike, and her friend told her to try a triathlon. She signed up for the “Siouxperman” last year before ever swimming a lap in a pool, let alone open water. This year she won 1st place.

Biking seven extra miles at the Liberty Long course earlier this year wasn’t her proudest moment, but she stuck with the race and finished strong. She also turned the wrong way out of T2 in the Le Mars sprint triathlon and missed 1st place by five seconds.

Having the Hy-Vee Triathlon in Des Moines has made introducing her family to the sport of triathlon a breeze. They couldn’t understand what she was spending all of her time and money on until they saw her race at Gray’s Lake.

“I feel like the luckiest person in the world. To have found such a healthy, supportive, encouraging, and satisfying way to spend my time, and to have the people I love the most either partake with me, and/or be huge supporters, I know life does not get any better than this, and I am grateful for and savor every moment of it.”

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