Elizabeth Lewis

I am Elizabeth Lewis, a 22 year old from Raymore, Missouri. I attended Ray-Pec High School then furthered my education at Augustana College in South Dakota where I am a senior currently. I play for my college’s tennis team.

This is my first time doing the Des Moines Tri, but started doing them when I was 12 in the Jackson County Triathlon (Longview Lake, Lee Summit, MO); so total years is 10. My dad has been doing them for 20 years so because he was interested. I figured I should learn how to do them since I have my own personal coach, and it is also a good way to stay in shape for tennis.

My favorite portion of a triathlon is the biking portion. My favorite time to train is the summer because I have more time and my dad and I can bike together. Hardest is during the school year when I’m busy and in SD so I am not as familiar with the bike trails! I love triathlons and am excited to participate in this event! First timer at the Hy-Vee Triathlon, yeah!!

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Race Updates

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