Jason Buseman

I am Jason Buseman, a 28 year old from Johnston, Iowa. I attended Iowa State University where I received my BSME. I am a currently a Level 3 instructor at Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping in Johnston.

I have been doing triathlons for 3 years now. I joined the sport with my wife as a new challenge and we were also interested in Warrior Dash in Kansas City. I completed my first full marathon last year at the IMT Des Moines Marathon.

My best event is the biking if I had to choose. I like to say that I am mediocre at all three. My favorite time to train is usually in the mornings. I've always done early morning workouts ever since starting Farrell's, so it's what my body is used to. It's also nice not having a crowded pool or crowded roads to deal with, plus it's nice to see the sunrise. My most memorable finish was my first Tri. I only had my mountain bike, so that portion was terrible! My wife caught up to me and I was trying to keep up and accidentally ran her off the road and made her fall! I felt terrible and do even to this day. I'm pretty sure she beat me that day. In the end, my wife, our friends and I all placed in our respective age groups with one of the guys finishing first overall. It was hilarious!

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