Kalletta Caldwell

After being basically thrown in to her first triathlon, Lettie Caldwell has won some of the top triathlon honors along with countless first place finishes

She is a graduate of The University of Kansas and majored in Business Administration. She was a varsity rower in college and loves traveling, cooking, and making jewelry in her free time.

She will be moving from Kansas to California this month, but that won’t stop her from being in Des Moines on Labor Day Weekend.

While training at her company gym the fitness director asked if she knew how to swim, and when she replied yes, the director informed her that was good because she had been signed up for the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Triathlon. Lettie had to borrow a bike but was hooked on triathlons after!

She represented Team USA in the World Triathlon Championship in 2012, and was a USA Triathlon All American. She ran in Boston in 2011, placed first in her AG at Hy-Vee in 2012, and all of this is just a sampling of her many awards and honors.

Wheat bread, almond butter, and honey are Lettie’s go to before a race. And coffee if there’s time!

Swimming outside during the summer is Lettie’s favorite time to train. She enjoys hearing the kids playing around her, it makes her feel as though she’s hanging out at the pool although she’s training very hard for a race.

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