Kim Sprenger

She enjoys running and biking and has done that for a while. She has enjoyed doing other events such as RAGBRAI and other bike trips.

She got involved in triathlons by a friend who wanted her to train with him. She has always been a runner and biker so she decided to tri it out.

This is her second year competing in the Hy-Vee Triathlon. Her favorite part of the race last year was meeting Sister Madonna Buder and winning her age group. She says that for this year’s race she knows anything can happen.

Her most memorable race was a couple years back when she did the Championship for the Heart of America Series. She had been racing and there was a crash right in front of her that happened when a biker crossed the center line and collided with the lead biker. Being a nurse she stopped to help stabilize one of the two athletes and other doctors racing also stopped to help. After getting the two athletes to the ambulance she decided to finish. She put her bike away and started the run. Into the run a volunteer had been telling the athletes to watch out for a root and just as she turned around to thank him she tripped over it. She and the volunteer couldn’t help but laugh and she wished it could have been recorded for YouTube. Register for the event Volunteer for the event

Race Updates

    Water Temperature: 76 F / 24 C
    155 days and 2 hours ago