Meet the Athletes

Meet some of the athletes who are competing in this year's events.

kalletta caldwell

Kalletta Caldwell
has won some of the top triathlon honors along with countless first place finishes.


diane murphy

Diane Murphy
Diane has transformed from the self-proclaimed “smart, chubby kid” to finishing 1st in a sprint triathlon, and she’s not stopping there.

Sarah Deangelis

Sarah Deangelis
This lawyer, loving mother, and lifetime athlete - hopes to complete 100 triathlons before 60 and she’s well on her way.


anne hilleman

Anne Hilleman
Her first tri was done with a bike that her father in law borrowed, and yet she was hooked.

Mike Buenting

Mike Buenting
Racing against a former Hawkeye standout, finding his father for inspiration, and watching his beautiful daughter race are all motivators that keep Mike Buenting loving the sport of triathlon.

  Paul Cise

Paul Cise
Paul Cise has shed 125 lbs. since graduating college in 2009, has become an avid triathlete, and is now the lucky guy that gets to change Courtney’s last name.

Courtney Lillquist

Courtney Lillquist
Courtney Lillquist, soon to be Courtney Cise, is running a 5k the morning of her August wedding, and she’ll probably be eating Oreos before that.

  Erin Bardon

Erin Bardon
Erin Bardon is a wife, and mother of two, 50% partner in an Architecture and Interior Design Firm, can break a board in half, oh, and enjoys doing triathlons for fun.

jeff spencer Jeff Spencer
A PB&J and a kiss from his wife are the fuel that gets Jeff Spencer ready for race days.
  Pam Connely

Pam Connolly
Pam has been doing triathlons for four years and prides herself on living each day to the fullest with family and friends.

Mark Solomon

Mark Soloman
After being a marathon runner for years, Mark decided to start a new adventure; Triathlons.

  Ken Winters

Ken Winter
Ken is from Mitchell, South Dakota and got started in the triathlon world on a dare by his friends.

Mark Taussig

Mark Taussig
Mark’s 10th event in four season of triathlons will be Labor Day Weekend – and he’s pretty excited for it.

  Jacqui Giuliano

Jacqui Giuliano
Jacqui is fairly new to the triathlon world and this year is the first year she has really devoted time to training for triathlons.

Kim Lee Kim Michael-Lee
Having been a part of the Triathlon world for more than 20+ years, Kim Michael-Lee has placed 3rd in a ½ Ironman and 1st place in the Naperville Spring Triathlon which is for Ovarian Cancer; the first triathlon that she tried years ago.
  Jen Kunio

Jen Kunio
Jen was so excited and overwhelmed at her first triathlon that she stopped 20 feet short of the finish line and threw up, but she didn’t quit and she’s been at it ever since.

alexandra economy Alexandra Economy
I am Alexandra Economy, a 26 year old from Winona, Minnesota. I went to University of Wisconsin – Stout and am now a Hy-Vee Dietitian in Winona. I grew up in Esko, Minnesota where I played soccer, ran track.
  Aaron Harpold

Aaron Harpold
I am Aaron Harpold, a 42 year old from Des Moines, IA & originally from Buckhannon, WV. When I am not training I enjoy gardening, traveling, and spending time with my wife and 8 yr. old son. I am an employee at Drake University in Facilities.

Aaron Aaron Calhoun
I am Aaron Calhoun, a 22 year old from Sioux City, Iowa. In my free time I enjoy hunting, fishing, and paintball. I was raised to love the outdoors, and try to get outside whenever I have time.
  rebecca rourk

Rebecca Rourke
Rebecca is from Frisco, Texas and started participating in triathlons after a friend asked her to train for one with them. She did not own a bike at the time, did not know how to swim, and had never run long distance. But she said "SURE!” and bought a bike that next week as well as doing her first sprint triathlon one month later.

david ingvardsen David Ingvardsen
David is from Oakland, Tennessee. He was in the United States Marine Corps for seven years, prior to hitting the civilian workforce in 1996. He has participated in the triathlon lifestyle for 13 years.
  suzanne knack

Suzanne Knack
Suzanne is from Springdale, Arkansas and grew up in New York. She played lacrosse in college and moved out to Arkansas in 2010, started training for triathlons in 2011, and her goal is to complete a half Ironman this year!

lou anderson Lou Anderson
Lou is from Omaha, Nebraska and graduated from Columbia University School of Business. He has been participating in triathlons for 5 years now.
  casper moodie

Casper Moodie
Casper is from Springs Johannesburg (South-Africa). He graduated from Dr JJ High School and is now working in his family’s business. He got involved in triathlons by participating in the South African superbike championships.

chris bates Chris Bates
I am Chris Bates, a 40 year old from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In my free time I enjoy training for triathlons and working out in general.
  chip overton

Chip Overton
I am Chip Overton, a 46 year from West Des Moines, IA. I am an architect in West Des Moines where I own my own company – K/O Architects.

carrie nielsen Carrie Nielsen
I am Carrie Nielsen, a 37 year old from Omaha, Nebraska. I received a B.S. in Foods and Nutrition from Northwest Missouri State and a M.S. in Dietetics from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.
  brittany fowler

Brittany Fowler
I am Brittany Fowler, a 23 year old from Altoona, Iowa. I attended Southeast Polk High School, and then furthered my education at Iowa State University. My hobbies consist of volleyball, softball, tennis, biking, and running..

amanda jackson Amanda Jackson
I am Amanda Jackson, a 40 year old from Seymour, Indiana. I attended Indiana University (BA) and Ball State University (MA). In my free time I love being outdoors, either watching or playing sports, being with my children.
  ali bruder

Ali Bruder
I am Ali Bruder, a 19 year old from Humboldt, Iowa. I went to Humboldt High School where I played many sports. My favorites were swimming and cross-country.

dan ward Dan Ward
I am Dan Ward, a 53 year old from Sioux City, IA. I attended Iowa State University – Construction Engineering – I own a company called General Constructors, Inc. In my free time I enjoy training and golfing.
  Christopher Cooper

Christopher Cooper
I am Christopher Cooper, a 31 year old from Dallas, Texas and was originally from Des Moines. I attended the University of North Dakota. In my free time I enjoy volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters, traveling, and a good beer.

Jason Buseman Jason Buseman
I am Jason Buseman, a 28 year old from Johnston, Iowa. I attended Iowa State University where I received my BSME. I am a currently a Level 3 instructor at Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping in Johnston.
  Gabrieal Martinez

Gabriela Martinez
I am Gabriela Martinez, a 35 year old from Kissimmee, Florida. I was born and raised Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico. I am a Warrant Officer in the U.S. Army

Erik Shewmaker Erik Shewmaker
I am Erik Shewmaker, a 30 year old from Rochester, Minnesota. My athletic background consists of wrestling. I have been doing triathlon for 4 years now.
  Elizabeth Lewis

Elizabeth Lewis
I am Elizabeth Lewis, a 22 year old from Raymore, Missouri. I attended Ray-Pec High School then furthered my education at Augustana College in South Dakota where I am a senior currently.

Dennis Avendano Dennis Avendano
I am Dennis Avendano, 39 year old from the Philippines. In my free time, I enjoy practical shooting, basketball, and badminton.
  David Djordjevic

David Djordjevic
I am David Djordjevic, a 30 year old from Des Moines, IA. I attended both Iowa State University and Drake University. During my free time I enjoy video games, working out, and doing anything competitive.

Lauren Hill Lauren Hill
I am Lauren Hill, a 27 year old from West Des Moines, Iowa. I graduated from DePauw University and just completed my Masters in school counseling at the University of Iowa.
  Lane McMullen

Lane McMullen
I am Lane McMullen, a 35 year old from North Liberty, Iowa. After graduating from college, I needed a challenge and became inspired after watching my wife run the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. and wanted to give it a try.

Judy Myers Judy Myers
I am Judith Myers, a 65 year old from Clive, Iowa where I have lived the last 10 years with my husband Bob.
  Jennifer Russell

Jennifer Russell
I am Jennifer Russell, a 33 year old from Belton, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City, MO.

Jeff Maher Jeff Maher
I am Jeff Maher, a 46 year old from Overland Park, Kansas. During my free time I enjoy running, golfing, and SUP’ing (stand up paddle boarding)
  Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen
I am Jeff Allen, a 24 year old from State Center, Iowa. I am a pharmacy student at Drake University. I play for the Drake University Ultimate Frisbee team as a way to stay active. (DUC)

Jesse Veenstra Jesse Veenstra
I am Jesse Veenstra, a 27 year old from Johnston, Iowa. I graduated from college in 2008 from Dordt College. The Hy-Vee Triathlon will be my first ever triathlon.
  Rebecca Koeneke Rebecca Koeneke
After swearing off their bad habits, Rebecca and her husband decided to start working out and eating better. She ran her first triathlon and knew she didn’t need those vices in her life any more.
Joe Maggio Joe Maggio
This former high school swimming state champ has been involved in triathlons for 4 years, and has loved every minute of it.
  Kevin Denny Kevin Denny
Kevin would love to score his pro card on Labor Day weekend.
Patrick Smith Patrick Smith
When Patrick’s youngest daughter complained that she couldn’t see him during races, he began wearing neon yellow from head to toe. Soon after, his entire family began wearing the same color and they are now known as “Team Neon” among Patrick’s triathlon buddies.
  Jessica Womrath Jessica Womrath
Jessica served in the Air Force Reserves as an A10 Crew Chief, and now enjoys helping others as a personal trainer.
Mark Bottom Mark Bottom
Mark was recently able to complete one of his long term goals of qualifying for the Kansas City 5150.
  Heather Rausch Heather Rausch
Heather’s sister was able to talk her into doing a triathlon, but she’s not so sure it was her sister’s sweet talking that did the trick
Maria Lopez Maria Lopez
After the Las Vegas Rock n’ Roll marathon, her boyfriend at the time got down on one knee and put a nice rock on her finger.
  Kim Sprenger Kim Sprenger
Kim had quite the memorable race a couple years ago, a bike wreck, an ambulance trip, and a pesky root were all key players that day.
Susan Riboichaud Susan Robichaud
Susan began racing after her friends convinced her that triathlons were fun. She ended up loving it and has been training and competing ever since! Register for the event Volunteer for the event

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