Mike Buenting

Racing against a former Hawkeye standout, finding his father for inspiration, and watching his beautiful daughter race are all motivators that keep Mike Buenting loving the sport of triathlon.

After gaining a few unwanted pounds Mike decided to change his lifestyle. He got started in triathlons after being a runner in high school, taking a few years off, and then beginning running and biking as a way to get healthier. His daughter is also involved in triathlon which makes the experience much more exciting.

USA Triathlon All American, Team USA 2013, World Duathlon Championships. All of these phrases have come to mean something to Mike in the past year as he has been honored to be a part of each. He has completed the Boston Marathon five times and has a PR of 2:39.

A full plate of salmon, sweet potatoes, green beans and bread are a pre-race must have for Mike.
Although he had the fastest bike split in a triathlon in Minnesota last summer, he believes his run is his strong point, and focuses a lot of time on it.

Making Labor Day Weekend a family affair is Mike’s favorite thing about the Hy-Vee Triathlon. Seeing his daughter race in the IronKids Championship on Saturday and then racing in the 5150 Championships Sunday gives them a full weekend of racing and fun. He is a huge Hawkeye fan and raced against former receiver Tim Dwight at the Hy-Vee Triathlon a couple years ago. “That guy was amazing on the football field but my time showed him that I’m a faster endurance athlete!”

The podium is in his sights for Hy-Vee this year. After a second place finish in 2011 he is looking forward to being back on it in 2013. He also hopes his daughter can win her division on Saturday, she placed first at the Rochester IronKids so she’s got a shot!

He looks to the sky for a little extra push during races. Mike’s father passed away in 2008, and his uncle last summer, both of which were very special and very inspiring. He knows he made his dad proud and wants to continue to do so with each race.

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